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Evolva goes 
Responsible Care

Create your desired consumer experience based on responsible personal care ingredients with science-backed claims.

28-30 March 2023
Booth AH94

Happy to
exchange with you
at in-cosmetics

Get in touch with our experts: to learn more about our exclusive line of nature-based high-purity ingredients. And their powerful science to help unlock consumer experiences.

Marcia da Silva Pinto

Senior Technical Manager Health Ingredients, Evolva

Alessandra Batelli

Senior Director Business Development, Evolva

Marcia da Silva Pinto

Senior Technical Manager Health Ingredients, Evolva

Get inspired by our Responsible Product Concepts

Combining responsible ingredients, backed by science, with proven benefits & claims – to let you create magic for the consumer. Imagine Product Concepts like „Back to wonderful“ and much more.

Unleash the power
of new questions

Novel answers enabling differentiation and competitive advantage to attract your personal care consumers. 

Our team of market experts, scientists and application designers have used new questions to discover completely new modes of action from well-known ingredients. 

And: have backed up these truly novel insights directly with robust science through high quality studies.

Why responsible?
Our ingredients are produced with our genuine fermentation technology: as sustainable and high purity alternative to natural plant extracts. 


The Beauty Power House


The Skin Microbiome Influencer
About Evolva

Evolva is a Swiss Biotech Company harnessing cutting-edge science and white biotech fermentation technologies to help resolve sourcing bottlenecks in nature. 

Evolva has prepared for launch an exclusive line of nature-based high-purity bio-functionals for the personal care industry: Designed via patented white biotech processes, highest quality at a traceable, and environmentally responsible supply is ensured. 

Equipped with an amazing innovative spectrum of science-backed claims that unlock many multi-functional benefits addressing relevant and further evolving global market trends.

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